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Root Canal Treatment

Specialist-Led Root Canal Treatment

An infection or inflammation related to the root canal in your tooth may leave you in considerable pain and discomfort, worrying about the treatment you need, whether the problem will spread, and whether you’ll lose the tooth.

Root canal inflammation or infection may come with severe toothache and sensitivity. In some cases, there may be no symptoms, but the problem may be brought to your attention by your general dentist during a routine check-up.
The infection or inflammation is caused by bacteria in the root canal deep inside your tooth, and you will need a root canal treatment to stop the spread of this to save the affected tooth.

Although a root canal treatment may sound scary, it really isn’t. At SmileHQ, our endodontic team is led by Specialist Endodontist Rose Mulvey. Specialist Endodontists have extra training and qualifications in root canal treatment.

Rose uses evidence-based techniques alongside digital and microscope technology to obtain the best possible outcome and ensures your comfort throughout the procedure. Her kind, friendly approach and wealth of experience mean a lot of her patients actually fall asleep during the procedure as they are so relaxed!


The Root Cause

We often pay close attention to the visible part of our teeth, but they also have roots that join with the jawbone below the gum-line.

There is a living portion inside each tooth, below the tough outer layers of enamel and dentine, called the dental pulp.
Dental pulp comprises nerve endings, connective tissue, cells, and blood vessels. The dental pulp goes right down into the root canal.

If you have damage or decay to the outside of your tooth, bacteria can penetrate and cause the dental pulp to become inflamed or infected. Inflammation and Infection will spread inside the tooth and eventually lead to the nerve dying.

There can then be issues in the gums and jaw bone such as bone loss, swelling or a draining abscess (pus).

Symptoms include
pain while eating

Root Canal Inflammation or Infection Symptoms

Toothache is initially a sign of tooth decay. However, as this decay worsens, the inside of your tooth (or the pulp) becomes irreversibly inflamed and then infected.

While it’s essential to have all toothache checked, the following are signs that you may have irreversible inflammation or infection involving the root canal and will need prompt treatment:

  • Pain while eating or biting
  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages
  • Pain at night
  • Spontaneous pain that may be very severe and does not always respond to painkillers
  • The tooth appears darker
  • Pus oozing from the gum around, above or below the tooth
  • Swelling in the areas surrounding the tooth

Your Root Canal Treatment

After thorough assessment of your symptoms and the affected tooth, Rose will begin by numbing the area. She will access the root canal inside your tooth. She will clean the bacteria and matter from inside these canals using tiny files and fluids with the aid of the dental microscope.

Once the cleaning has been completed, Rose will seal the canals to help prevent reinfection and promote healing. She will also repair and seal the surface of the tooth with a filling. We may suggest returning to have a crown placed later. A dental crown will protect the tooth from breaking or cracking in the future

After your procedure, the majority of the pain from the inflammation or infection will usually have gone. In some cases, this relief is instant. It may take a few days to go fully. You will feel numb for a few hours, and you may have some post-treatment discomfort. However, this can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relief.


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I had the best experience at Smile HQ. The customer service was excellent and everyone was very professional and friendly. Pola and Charlotte made me feel very comfortable during my treatment and my end results are amazing!

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Root Canal Treatments at SmileHQ

If you have a toothache, don’t suffer in silence. Root canal infections will get worse, and treatment is essential. At SmileHQ, we pride ourselves on providing excellent, precision care that stops root canal infections in their tracks.
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