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Essential Repairs for Your Smile

If you have pain or discomfort when you’re biting or whenever you drink or eat anything too hot or cold, you may have a cavity.

A dental cavity is a small hole in the surface of your tooth, usually caused by a combination of bacteria, diet, and poor dental hygiene.

If left untreated, your cavity will grow, increasing the risk of infection and leading to more pain, further dental issues, and bad breath.

Dental fillings repair cavities and minor damage from trauma. At SmileHQ, we aim to complete this simple procedure soon after spotting the decay. The quicker we can repair your tooth, the lower the chances of further damage.


The Causes of Decay

Inside every mouth, there are countless bacteria. Some bacteria are helpful, while others can cause damage. There is no way to remove the bacteria from your mouth, but by monitoring what you eat, brushing often, and visiting us for regular comprehensive dental assessments, you can reduce the impact of the bacteria.

When you eat or drink anything sugary or starchy, the bacteria will feed on the particles left on your teeth. When they do this, they create a sticky substance called plaque. As the bacteria consume the particles, acid is created. When left on your teeth, this acid will break through the enamel and cause cavities.

Other causes of damage included physical trauma, grinding your teeth, reactions to certain medications, and acid reflux.

Symptoms include
Sensitivity when
eating or drinking
anything hot or cold

What Are the Signs You Need a Filling?

Ideally, we’ll notice the early signs of tooth decay through routine checkups, but the signs that you should look for include:

  • Sensitivity when eating or drinking anything hot or cold
  • Pain or discomfort while biting or chewing
  • Throbbing pain in your tooth while not eating
  • You can see the cavity
  • You’ve lost or damaged an existing filling

The Filling Procedure

Getting a filling may not seem ideal, but if your tooth isn’t repaired, you’ll eventually need a root canal treatment. Fortunately, the procedure to place a filling is simple and brief.

We’ll begin by numbing the area surrounding the affected tooth. We may need to remove any decayed enamel before cleaning and drying the tooth.

Once prepared, we’ll use a composite material to fill the gap. We’ll then ensure that the filling is smooth and comfortable and that your jaws meet when closed.


Recovering After a Filling

It can take a while for the anaesthetic to wear off after your treatment. During this time, your mouth may feel numb. Avoid drinking anything hot immediately after treatment, as you may have problems gauging the temperature and end up scolding your mouth. Similarly, you should avoid eating or chewing as you could bite your tongue or the inside of your mouth.

Once you have the feeling back in your mouth, don’t chew on the side with the new filling for the first day. This is to protect the filling while it’s still new.

You may experience some sensitivity immediately after your treatment. However, this should improve quickly. If it worsens, get in touch.

How to Avoid Fillings

Prevention is always better than the cure. If you want to avoid future fillings, you can:

Rinse your mouth with mouthwash
Brush your teeth thoroughly in the morning and night
Use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen the enamel
Floss or use interdental brushes
Limit your sugar intake
Brush your teeth after eating or drinking anything with a high sugar content
Visit us regularly for a checkup

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Abbie Newman
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Hygiene appointment – both the hygienist and nurse were very friendly and informative, they made the appointment feel very easy and eased my nerves immediately. Very professional and not only do my teeth feel great after but I have some useful tips to help me maintain a great clean. Thank you again ladies, 10/10 highly recommend!! :)

Carissa Headley
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The atmosphere was so peaceful. The staff are friendly and welcoming. They listened to my needs and considered my comfort every step of the way. I would definitely recommend. I felt so confident walking out after just one clean. Already have my next appointments booked in. Now going to the dentist isn’t so scary.

Michael Hill
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Both Hannah and Charlotte looked after me very well. The best hygienist appointment I’ve had with no discomfort at all. Anyone who’s scared of going to the dentist has nothing to worry about here. Great coffee too!!

Marilyn Nunn
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This is a wonderful practice. I was seen at short notice because I was in pain and could not get an appointment with my regular dentist and it was well worth the one hour journey to get there. Dr Sasha, Nurse Stephie and Holly and Claire on reception could not have been more welcoming and kind. I had x Ray and antibiotics and everything was unhurried and explained in detail. Thank you all so much.

Cher K
Reviewed on Google

Unbelievable experience at Smile HQ. Pola & Claire were incredible, they were patient and listened to all of my needs and wants. I had my composite bonding done today and they are perfect. Highly recommend!

Tayla Claringbull
Reviewed on Google

Couldn’t recommend Pola and his team enough. Pola is thorough and explains everything and makes you feel in safe hands. The girls are also amazing, massive thanks to Hannah for everything she helped me set my app up and the aftercare is amazing. Claire is so lovely and personable every visit and Sophie is brilliant during my sessions with Pola.

Naresh Pal
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Fantastic clinic. Very friendly, helpful and caring staff and clinicians. The practice has been beautifully designed and doesn’t make you feel like you’re sitting in a dental practice which is a massive bonus. Would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for high standard and quality dental care.

Caitlin O’Riordan
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What an amazing experience I had from start to finish. The facilities were first of all immaculate and the staff were so professional and friendly. I am over the moon with my final result (8 composite veneers) and I couldn’t be happier with the work completed by Dr Pola Reza. A big thank you to the dental assistant Claire, and the Front of House staff Hannah & Holly for making my experience so amazing. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Fillings at SmileHQ

At SmileHQ, we use the latest technology to ensure your dental treatment is efficient, effective, and as quick and comfortable as possible. If you need a filling, call us today to arrange your appointment.