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Bone and Sinus Grafts


Your Smile’s New Foundation

You need a strong and healthy jaw to give your dental implants maximum support. The pressure from biting and chewing can take its course, so the foundations of your smile must be strong. Unfortunately, when teeth are lost, resorption occurs, weakening the jaw and leading to bone deterioration.

When teeth are absent, the body removes minerals from the bone that once supported them, resulting in a thin and depleted jaw.

If you need dental implants but lack sufficient jaw support, a graft or sinus lift can stimulate regrowth and renew the bone’s strength.


Understanding Bone Grafting

Often referred to as “bone augmentation,” bone grafts rebuild diminished bone using small pieces of natural or synthetic bone placed onto the depleted area.

Over a few months, the additional bone fuses with your jaw, creating a sturdy foundation capable of supporting an implant.


The Benefits of Bone Grafts

Improved Facial Support

When your jaw loses density, it can give you an aged appearance. Rebuilding the jaw supports your facial features, reducing sagging while leaving you looking younger.

Regain Lost Confidence

Losing teeth affects your ability to speak, eat, and smile, often impacting your confidence. A bone graft paves the way for dental implants, which could significantly boost your confidence.

Prepare for Your New Smile

Ultimately, a bone graft sets you up for dental implant surgery. A stronger, fuller jawbone allows us to place life-changing titanium implants that let you smile, chew, speak, and laugh effortlessly.

Look Forward to Mealtimes

Missing teeth and weakened jaws can stop you from enjoying your favourite meals. Once you’ve had a bone graft and dental implants, you can eat what you like.

Comparing Bone
Graft Types

There are several different bone graft procedures. An autograft uses pieces of bone harvested from elsewhere in your body. It fuses quickly because it’s a direct match to your existing bone.

Where it’s not possible to use an autograft, we can use a biocompatible synthetic material. This type of graft delivers excellent results but can take longer to bind to your jaw firmly.

Sinus lifts are specific grafts used on the upper jaw. The graft is placed near the back teeth between the upper jaw and sinus membrane, allowing us to place implants in your upper jaw.


Your Bone Graft

Before proceeding with your bone graft, we’ll take scans of your jaw to assess bone density.

When performing the graft, we’ll give an anaesthetic first so you feel comfortable throughout.

For an autograft procedure, we’ll carefully harvest a small amount of bone near the treatment area. Next, we’ll skillfully place it in position and seal the site.

This will take a few months to heal. We’ll check on your recovery process before booking you in for your smile-enhancing dental implant surgery.

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I have visited SmileHQ for a consultation only, so cannot comment on actual treatment received at this point. However, from my initial enquiry through to my consultation, I have been extremely impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of all of the staff I have so far encountered. There has been no pressure to proceed with treatment and the refundable deposit for the consultation should you decide not to go ahead is commendable and shows an element of the ethos at this practice. I feel very confident in their ability and expertise in this field to eventually make me smile again and would highly recommend anyone taking the first steps on their own personal journey with SmileHQ.

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I had the best experience at Smile HQ. The customer service was excellent and everyone was very professional and friendly. Pola and Charlotte made me feel very comfortable during my treatment and my end results are amazing!

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Unbelievable experience at Smile HQ. Pola & Claire were incredible, they were patient and listened to all of my needs and wants. I had my composite bonding done today and they are perfect. Highly recommend!

Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts at SmileHQ

If you’ve previously been refused dental implant treatment, let’s change the narrative. Bone grafts will prepare your jaw for a brighter smile and better oral health. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.