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All-on-4/Same Day Teeth

Your Smile Restored

We know just how devastating having a failing smile is. If you’ve suffered trauma or severe infection spread throughout your mouth, it’s easy to feel hopeless. Smiling, talking, laughing, and eating all become tasks you’ll dread.

Dentures can help. However, without roots, they’re not as stable as the real thing, while dental implants offer excellent support for replacement teeth.

Same Day Teeth is an innovative alternative. We can rebuild up to an entire row of teeth using four or six perfectly positioned implants. Your new smile will not only look amazing, but it’ll also feel secure, and you’ll feel ready to take on life. What’s more, we can achieve this in just one day.


Precision Innovation— All in One Day!

Same Day Teeth use four or six titanium screws firmly locked into your jaw. Once in position, we’ll use this firm footing to support lifelike replacement teeth. Each implant is carefully embedded at optimal angles and points to give your new teeth maximum support.

Gradually, the bone will strengthen its hold around the implant, giving you a firmer, more confident bite.

Using this advanced one-day procedure, we’ll get you smiling again that day.

Right for you if you’ve already lost several teeth

Are Same-Day Teeth Right for Me?

Same-Day Teeth implants are life-enhancing. We can use them if:

  • You’ve already lost several teeth
  • You have severely damaged or infected teeth that need extracting
  • You have dentures or bridges but want a firmer foundation

Why Choose Same-Day Teeth?

A Touch of Artistry

Although the real science and innovation behind Same Day Teeth go on below the gums, you’ll marvel at your new smile. Tailor-made to match your natural appearance, your reinstated smile will look better than ever before.

Build Confidence

Losing teeth can affect your ability to eat, speak, smile, and laugh, impacting your confidence. We can change all that with one procedure. Rebuilding your smile lets you live your best life again without worrying about your teeth.

Same Day Smiles

Sometimes referred to as “immediate load implants”, Same-Day Teeth are placed using a revolutionary one-day procedure, reducing the number of stages needed to achieve the perfect smile. We can place your implants and give you natural, functioning temporary teeth in one day. We’ll follow up later to replace the temporary teeth with a final restoration.

Improved Health

Losing teeth isn’t usually the end of dental problems—gum disease and jaw problems often follow. Dental implants help preserve your jaw and gums and make caring for your remaining teeth easier.

A Bedrock That Lasts

Implants last. The titanium used in implants is chosen for its strength, durability, and ability to provide an excellent long-term foundation for your smile.

What to Expect From Same-Day Teeth Surgery

Assessment and Planning

Before planning or placing your implants, we’ll assess your smile to ensure Same-Day Teeth are right for you. Your assessment will include a conversation about your general health, an explanation of the procedure, and an opportunity to ask questions.

A complete X-ray will show us whether your jaw can support implants. If you’ve already experienced bone loss, we may suggest a grafting procedure first.

The information we gather during this initial consultation will inform our planning. We’ll create a detailed plan and schedule your one-day procedure.

Procedure and Recovery

During your procedure, we’ll administer sedation to lull you into a calm, dreamlike state throughout treatment.

After the implants are fitted, we’ll place temporary teeth to wear during your initial recovery. Although they’ll look great, don’t get too attached—your tailor-made permanent teeth are even better.

The Final Touches

Once we’re happy with your recovery progress, we’ll place your final teeth. All that remains is for you to enjoy them.

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My experience at Smile HQ was the best!! Sasha and Charlotte were amazing from start to finish. They made me feel so comfortable and at ease, I would highly highly recommend going here! I had composite bonding and I am over the moon with my results. They really listen to what you are after and if anything exceeds all expectations. I’m very happy!

Tayla Claringbull
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Couldn’t recommend Pola and his team enough. Pola is thorough and explains everything and makes you feel in safe hands. The girls are also amazing, massive thanks to Hannah for everything she helped me set my app up and the aftercare is amazing. Claire is so lovely and personable every visit and Sophie is brilliant during my sessions with Pola.

The Pharmacist Beauty
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By far one of the best dental experiences I’ve ever had! I’ve been looking for a good dentist for a long time and always leave disappointed. The moment I walked into Smile HQ, I felt like I stepped into a Harley Street clinic – so clean and kind service. Dr Sasha took his time to explain and make sure I was very comfortable. The best dentist I’ve ever met who was actually so knowledgeable. Charlotte was brilliant and always had a smile on her face! 100% recommend this place!

Caitlin O’Riordan
Reviewed on Google

What an amazing experience I had from start to finish. The facilities were first of all immaculate and the staff were so professional and friendly. I am over the moon with my final result (8 composite veneers) and I couldn’t be happier with the work completed by Dr Pola Reza. A big thank you to the dental assistant Claire, and the Front of House staff Hannah & Holly for making my experience so amazing. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Aidan Wall
Reviewed on Google

With the sorry state of my teeth, being embarrassed and somewhat scared, the staff at Smile HQ have gone above and beyond themselves in making me always feel at ease. Talking me through all the different stages that they are doing. I really couldn’t ask for better people. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anybody. You will not go wrong choosing Smile HQ.

Sam Sheerin
Reviewed on Google

Wow, what can I say about Smile HQ. It is a team full of experience but not just in their field of dentistry, but their customer service and their kindness to patients is second to none. Dr. Vish is amazing with the care and detail of his planning for your treatment and gets you that forever smile at the end of treatment. Would highly recommend this clinic and their specialist services in cosmetic dentistry and Implants.

Danielle James
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Couldn’t be happier with the care and treatment I’ve received at Smile HQ. All the staff are extremely welcoming and helpful, excellent customer service! I couldn’t be happier with my new smile thanks to Dr Pola and his team! Felt so comfortable and at ease with pola. He was very professional and did an amazing job!

Mark Brackley
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Two visits now; consultations and a hygienist appointment yesterday, always made to feel very comfortable in a professional environment… from an individual who has never been comfortable or wanting to visit the dentist, Smile HQ has completely changed my perspective and view of the experience! Looking forward to my next visit.

Same Day Teeth at SmileHQ

Same Day Teeth provides quick and lasting change to help you fall in love with your smile. In the hands of our immediate load implant expert, Vishal Patel, you can smile, eat, talk, and laugh effortlessly after just one day. Call today to schedule an appointment.