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Implanted Dentures


Support for Your Smile

Ill-fitting dentures can ruin mealtimes and conversations. While they may have been snug when you got them, you can feel self-conscious without robust support.

Although we can easily replace your dentures by providing customised alternatives that look and feel great, the reality is that beneath your gums, your jaw may be shrinking. This happens because your jaws no longer support natural teeth. As resorption progresses, your smile sags and your dentures will loosen.

Using dental implants, we can provide a firm anchorage for your dentures. The titanium posts bed will bed into your jaw, mimicking a tooth’s root. Implanted dentures give you the best of both worlds—the unparalleled support of implants married with the convenience of dentures.


Understanding Implanted Dentures

Implanted dentures use small titanium posts to support realistic-looking prosthetic teeth. Titanium is ideal for supporting your dentures as it’s strong and biocompatible. Once in place, the implants bond with your bone to give your smile a secure footing.

Although other implant techniques can replace multiple teeth, you can clip your dentures on and off your implants. Removing your implants makes them easier to clean.


The Benefits of Implanted Dentures

Make Mealtimes Easier

Navigating the menu isn’t always easy when you wear dentures, particularly if they’ve become loose.

When your dentures are supported with implants, you won’t have any difficulty chewing on your favourite foods, and you’ll avoid any potential embarrassment caused by your implants working loose mid-meal.

Smile Confidently

Our bespoke dentures look like the real thing. We carefully colour-match your new teeth to look natural. With a perfectly proportioned, uniform smile, you can feel good about sharing it with the world.

Better Jaw Health

Bone resorption occurs when your jaw no longer supports your teeth. By placing implants, we’ll stimulate healthy bone growth keeping your jaw strong and healthy while supporting your facial structure.

Set for Life

Although your dentures may eventually need replacing, the implants supporting them are durable enough to last for decades. With the proper care, implants support smiles for life.

Simple and Convenient

Implanted dentures are easily removable, meaning you can quickly take them out for cleaning. This helps you stay on top of your oral health while maintaining the beautiful appearance of your dentures.

The Implanted Dentures Process

We’ll begin the implanted denture placement process with a full assessment. Here, we’ll assess whether you’re a suitable candidate by examining your jaws. We need to ensure your jaw is strong enough to support implants. If they’re not, we may suggest a bone graft.

On the day of your implant surgery, we’ll give you an anaesthetic to reduce discomfort. Next, we’ll place several strategically positioned implants along your jaw. This ensures maximum support for your new smile.

After your implants are in position, your jaw needs to heal. A process called osseointegration occurs when your bone fuses with the implant over the next few months. You’ll wear temporary dentures while your bone heals.

Your temporary dentures will help you eat and smile confidently, but your final teeth look even better. We’ll take a digital scan of your mouth, and our lab will skillfully craft a set of life-like dentures tailored to you.

We’ll check on how your jaw is healing a few months later. Once it’s healed, we’ll fit your beautiful bespoke dentures.


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I had the best experience at Smile HQ. The customer service was excellent and everyone was very professional and friendly. Pola and Charlotte made me feel very comfortable during my treatment and my end results are amazing!

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Implanted Dentures at SmileHQ

Implanted dentures let you enjoy the best of both worlds—the stability of implants and the convenience of dentures. Call today to schedule your consultation.