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Crowns and Bridges


Enjoy a Full Smile Again

When you lose or damage teeth, it’s not only the appearance of your smile that’s impacted. In addition to harming your confidence, missing or broken teeth can affect your ability to bite and chew. Even worse, there are further severe risks to your oral health.

Gaps in your smile create nesting grounds for bacteria. These hard-to-clean areas become hotspots for decay and gum disease. Also, the neighbouring teeth could move in a process called ‘dental drift’.

At SmileHQ, we can repair and complete your smile using beautiful bespoke crowns and bridges.

Dental crowns are
porcelain, metal, or resin

Understanding Crowns

Dental crowns are porcelain or resin caps that fit over damaged teeth. We can use them to cap your existing teeth if they’re damaged or use them to complete a dental implant in the case of missing teeth. We can also use crowns as part of a dental bridge.

Metal crowns are very durable. These are suited when capping the hardworking molars at the back of your mouth. Resin offers a lifelike appearance, while porcelain crowns are strong and realistic.

Our skilled lab technicians create bespoke crowns tailored to match your smile. We base the look of your crown on digital scans to help us perfect the shape, size, colour, and texture.

Crowns are helpful if:

  • Your teeth are damaged by decay or trauma
  • Your tooth is compromised following root canal treatment
  • Your entire tooth needs replacing using a dental implant

Placing Your Crown

The exact placement process will depend on the type of procedure and condition of your tooth. When used with a dental implant, you’ll have several treatment steps before the crown placement. These may include extracting a damaged tooth, placing the implant, and a period of recovery.

When we use crowns to restore a damaged tooth, we’ll treat any infection first. Once the lab has created your bespoke crown, we’ll bond it to your natural tooth.

The Benefits of Crowns

Natural and Bespoke

Our porcelain crowns are tailored to your smile. Made from natural-looking material that’s colour-matched to the rest of your teeth, nobody will ever know it’s a repair.

Perfect Preservation

Once a tooth becomes cracked or decayed, the chance of infection increases. When we’ve placed a crown onto a damaged or weakened tooth, it protects it from harmful bacteria and wear.

Love Mealtimes

Damaged teeth leave you feeling conscious at mealtimes. Once we’ve placed your replacement crown, you can bite and chew confidently again.

Enjoy Smiling Again

A new crown will give you something to smile about. Repairing damaged teeth with dental crowns helps restore lost confidence, leaving you with a smile you’ll love.

A dental bridge
replaces missing teeth

How Dental Bridges Work

A dental bridge replaces missing teeth. We can use them to ‘bridge the gap’ when you’ve lost one or more teeth. A bridge consists of one or more dental crowns placed onto the healthy adjacent teeth and pontics—natural-looking replacements that fill the gap. The crowns support the pontics from one or both sides.

There are several types of bridges

  • Fixed bridges use crowns on either side of the gap.
  • Cantilever bridges are supported by a crown on one side.
  • Maryland bridges take support from the back using composite resin.
  • Implant-retained bridges use titanium implants for enhanced stability.

The Benefits of Bridges

Complete Your Smile

If you’ve lost one or more teeth together, the gap can make you dislike your smile. Completing your smile using a lifelike bridge helps you feel good about your smile again.

Eat Confidently

Gaps in your teeth make chewing difficult. Replacing your teeth using a bridge will mean you won’t have to consider the gap when you should enjoy your favourite meal.

Improve Your Oral Health

Filling gaps where you’ve lost teeth makes dental hygiene easier, helping you fight tooth decay, gum disease, and infection.

Building Bridges

After an initial assessment, we’ll custom-make your bridge using the precise details gathered using digital scans. Your bespoke bridge will seamlessly match the shade of your existing teeth.

Before we can place your bridge, we’ll need to prepare any supporting teeth. We do this by removing a small amount of enamel. Once your tooth is prepared, we’ll carefully place and bond your bridge into position.


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Crowns and Bridges at SmileHQ

If you’ve lost or severely damaged teeth, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a full and healthy-looking smile again. Bespoke crowns and bridges restore your smile and confidence. Get in touch today to book a consultation.