Replace Your Missing Teeth with Same-Day Dental Implants in Essex

Same-day dental implants in Essex from SmileHQ can transform your smile in just one day. Providing the best results is the goal of our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest technology. Elevate your smile and confidence today with exceptional client service and treatment quality.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Same-day dental implants are designed to restore your smile and function quickly, efficiently, and elegantly. If you are missing or have damaged teeth beyond repair, imagine walking into a dental practice and walking out with a beautiful smile in just one day.


Smile HQ can provide bespoke functional teeth on the same day as your treatment without additional visits. The latest dental technology and techniques are used for this purpose.


Embrace a new, confident you with same-day dental implants.

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Assessing Same-Day Implants Suitability

A Moment Today, For Benefits That Last Forever

Timeless Realities

Hear it From Our Clients

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Even with a profound fear of the dentist, Yvonne was able to replace her missing teeth through Dr Patel’s expert and gentle implant treatment, allowing her to eat comfortably and confidently again.

Exceptional Results

Exceptional client care ensures they receive the greatest standard of care possible, no matter the size of the treatment.

The 4-Step Procedure To Your New Smile


Bespoke Smile Treatment

Every consultation we provide is a personal experience through which open communication is essential. You can discuss your concerns and your desired smile goals with us during your first appointment.


As part of your detailed smile assessment, digital photographs will be taken, as well as digital records to capture the shape of your mouth and 3D CBCT scans that will provide us with information about your unique bone structure. By analysing this information, we will be able to create a simulation of your new smile so that you can visualise the final result before proceeding.


Your Personalised Treatment Plan

As long as you qualify for the implant procedure, our Smile HQ team will guide you through a bespoke treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs, answering any questions and scheduling an appointment for your treatment.


The Forever Moment of Your Smile Journey

On the day of your surgery, we will provide you with sedation before beginning your dental implant treatment to make your experience with us as comfortable and pain-free as possible.


Following the careful and strategic insertion of your dental implants, your natural-looking customised temporary teeth will be fitted directly onto the implants. Once firmly secured, you will be able to leave the dental practice with your beautiful new smile.


Taking Care of You

In the weeks following your implant surgery, our Patient Relations team will contact you regularly to ensure that your recovery proceeds as planned. A minimum healing period of three months is required before you are invited back to the practice to have your final bespoke teeth made.

Delivering Exceptional Happiness

Delivering client happiness  enables us to create beautiful smiles and gives our clients another opportunity at the finer things in life.

Pamela Bridge
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Very professional service, 3 implants all went very smoothly with expert care. Vish went out of his way to ensure everything went well and to fit in appointments so that everything could be done as soon as possible. Very happy with the results.
Sam Sheerin
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Dr Vish is amazing, he treats you like a normal person, explains everything from start to finish gives you all of the options possible. The team that work with him in Colchester are also fantastic from the reception staff to all the nurses, they really do put you first and give a first class service. Would highly recommend this team to anyone.
Karen Sheerin
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I'm extremely nervous going to see a general dentist, let alone seeing a specialist about implants. Dr Vish was so patient with me, explained all of my options, not just the one he wanted me to hear, all of them. The time he took to explain the procedure wasnt too much for me and really did put at ease with making the right decision for me. If your looking for this kind of treatment Dr Vish is who I'd recommend.
Harbhag Chahal
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Highly skilled and very professional, Vishal is our implantologist for all our complex cases. Able to put patients at ease, and ALWAYS at the end of the phone he provides full confidence that all implant surgery will be carried out to the highest standard. I can assuredly recommend him.
Katy Martin
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Having had my teeth done with Vish I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable in a dentists chair and couldn’t be happier with the results. If I need more work in the future I will be looking no further and would recommend Vish anytime!
Rishi Patel
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Dr Patel is an excellent experienced implantologist who has provided excellent care for the patients I have seen.
Adeel Ali
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Conscientious implant surgeon with Great hand skills. Proud to call you a colleague and friend
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Dr Vishal Patel has been absolutely great in every aspect, communication is just excellent throughout especially after care. Great work.

Taking Care of Your Implants

Same-Day Teeth Starting From £15,000

0% Finance Options Available.

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Same-Day Dental Implants - FAQ

Same-day dental implant treatment describes a procedure where the damaged, unrestorable teeth are removed from your mouth, and an appropriate number of dental implants are carefully inserted into your jawbone, all correctly spaced from each other. On the same day, a temporary set of teeth are secured onto the dental implants.


In comparison, the traditional approach requires several months of healing following the insertion of dental implants before artificial teeth can be fitted.

Although we use local anaesthetic to numb the operating area to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you, it is not uncommon to experience some mild discomfort following the treatment, which can be easily managed with over-the-counter painkillers.

Same-day dental implants and traditional implants are made of the same materials, therefore, have no difference in durability. However, the success rate of the procedure depends on many factors, such as the client’s general health and oral hygiene.

It typically takes a few hours to perform the same-day dental implant procedure, depending on the number of implants being inserted and the client’s specific circumstances.

Since the procedure is more complex and requires specialised equipment, same-day dental implants may cost slightly more than traditional dental implants. The cost can, however, vary depending on the number of implants required and other factors, so it is advisable to discuss the specific costs with us at Smile HQ.

Same Day Dental Implants Consultation

Take advantage of our free consultations to meet our dentists and discover how we can help you achieve a lifelong smile.