Crowns & Bridges in Brentwood, Essex

Dental crowns and bridges are a restorative treatment that can restore missing, broken or damaged teeth without having to completely remove any teeth.

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Delightful Restoration

The things that you enjoy in life can affect your teeth over time. Stains start to form, pain begins to grow, and some of your prime teeth begin to decay.

In some cases, if your teeth become so badly damaged that they cannot be repaired, you may be forced to have them extracted or replace them with dental implants.

With the help of our dental bridges and crowns, you can have your teeth restored to their original condition and enjoy the finer things in life again.

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No extractions

Permanently fitted

Look and feel like natural teeth

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns cover damaged teeth and are fitted in a way that makes them appear and feel as if they were natural, healthy teeth. They are a cap that sits on top of the damaged tooth, preventing it from further decay or damage.


Dental Bridges

Clients who are missing one or more teeth usually require a dental bridge. Dental bridges often consist of two crowns on either side of the gap, with a false porcelain tooth in the middle.

How it works?


Your Smile HQ dentist will prepare your teeth for moulding.

Temporary Crown

In the interim, a temporary crown is fitted while your bespoke crown is being engineered.

Final Placement

As soon as your custom crown is ready, you will be called back to Smile HQ for its placement.

Treatment Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

To provide you with the maximum level of comfort, we will perform the treatment under local anesthetic. After a few days, you may feel slight discomfort whilst you are getting used to the new crown.
Your crown and/or bridge will resemble your natural teeth. Aesthetically, your teeth will look natural and beautiful once again.

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